It’s all about the food…

Not your typical hoagie…

One usually does not equate bread with Asian food which is typically served on large plates or in bowls.  But now we have taken some great Asian dishes and crafted them into sandwiches that allow for an easy way to experience these great flavors.  We could think of no better place than Philly, home of the cheesesteak and hoagie, to expand on and develop new and unique sandwiches with an Asian flair.

The flavors of the SouthEast

The flavors of SouthEast Asian cuisine have different significance for different people.  For Troy and Mui Eap, they represent opportunities to connect with family and friends.  Originally from SouthEast Asia, the husband and wife team are self-described foodies that grew up with delicious and savory meals.  These were good times spent usually in large gatherings during which they were able to witness the preparation of many homemade dishes by their mothers and other family members.  As they embarked on a new phase in their lives, they looked back at their beginnings and realized the opportunity to merge the delicious dishes from their past and develop new ones for the present.  And thus was born Bistro SouthEast – a place where they can create new dishes that captures the tastes of SouthEast Asia.

Seafood for the adventurous…

One of the best types of seafood to showcase flavors from SouthEast Asia are crab.  We treat these delectable creatures from the ocean like blank canvases as we infuse unique tastes typically found in more traditional dishes.   A wonderful accompaniment to the crab are craw fish, shrimp and clams which offer more opportunity to indulge in these distinctive flavors.

Guest Reviews

  • Great customer service, and their southeast bistro salad is also amazing.  Definitely coming here again.

    Elizabeth K.
  • I like the fact that this place has fresh seafood..crawfish, clams, mussels, shrimp..they have it all and it is low fat and tasty.

    Gabrielle W.
  • With the Asian flair, the shrimp po'boy is so far my favorite. Not to mention their wings are some of the best I have had. Will come back and recommend to everyone!

    Tyler B.

Day and Night…

In our fast-paced world it may be difficult sometimes to find time during the day to sit down and enjoy a good meal.  Which is why our sandwiches provides an excellent opportunity to have great tasting food that is also convenient.  Our hand-crafted sandwiches, however, are not the only things on the lunch menu (which is served all-day).  Our chicken pho and amazing wings have already garnered quite a following from our customers.  For those that are looking for even more variety, our dinner menu offers some of the best seafood in Philly highlighted by our signature cAsian seasoning.  Two separate menus, one great location – Bistro SouthEast!